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We all know that continued use of heat can be damaging to your hair. A lot of people think that they just need to be concerned about hair straighteners and therefore only straighten their hair a couple of times a year--but even a blow dryer can cause damage to your hair. So in today's post, we're sharing fabulous hairstyles that you can achieve with NO heat! You're welcome!

1. A Wash and Go

A wash and go is the OG of how to achieve a heatless hairstyle as there is zero heat involved. Take a look at this excellent video from DisisReyRey to see how to get the look and ensure definition on your hair. View our products formulated specifically for curly and coily hair here!


2. Pineapple Perfection

This video from Just Cyn is PERFECT for showing you how you can achieve the perfect pineapple beginning with when you wash your hair. If your hair isn't quite long enough to achieve this style, then fake it with a pineapple ponytail extension.


3. Flat Twist Fro Hawk

Check out this video featuring LaVidaRosa to see how to achieve this gorgeous fro-hawk. While the instructions shows how to do achieve the look on natural hair, this style could also be easily replicated on relaxed hair. Check out Mielle Organics products to prepare your hair for this style just like LaVidaRosa.


4. Bantu Knots

Image: itsnadje

Bantu knots are one of our favorite hairstyles and what's great about them is that they are so versatile. Use them to create a style in themselves, do you hair half-up half-down with a few knots at the top to create a crown, or undo them to create beautiful curls! Check out this blog post to learn how to achieve perfect Bantu knots.

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