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The Perfect Valentine's Day Hairstyle for your wig!

The Perfect Valentine's Day Hairstyle for your wig!

Ladies, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Make your valentine weak at the knees with the beautiful Zury Sis Pre-Tweezed Aura wig. And if you want to make your hair extra romantic, create an easy braided rose! Watch Jade Gabriell's video on how to create the look in under 2 minutes! 

Braided Rose

How to: Easy Braided Rose in a Lace Front Wig


Step 1:  Section the hair, leaving a little bit out in the very front. We'll tell you how to style that piece soon. 

Zury Sis Aura

Step 2: Braid the hair that you just separated. 

Zury Sis Aura Braided

Step 3: Pull the braid slightly as it will be your rose petals and you want them to look nice and defined.  

Zury Sis Aura Pulling on Braid

Step 4: Roll the braid into a rose. 

Zury Sis Aura Rolled Up

Step 5: Secure it with a few bobby pins. 

Zury Sis Aura Secure with Bobby Pin Zury Sis Aura Secure

Step 6: Style the piece of hair that was left out in the front however you want it. In her video Jade twists it around the braided rose but you can leave it down if you prefer. 

Zury Sis Aura Twist hair

And your done! Watch Jade's video if you want to braid along with her! 



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  • Super cute and flirty!

    Brandi S Edwards

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