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Thinking about dyeing your hair at home? Here are a few key tips to help you avoid a hair disaster.    

  • Start with hair that’s in good condition: If your hair is dry and uncared for, dyeing it is only going to make it dryer. Check out our hair masks to get your hair in good condition before you grab the box dye.
  • Don’t wash your hair beforehand: Washing your hair causes abrasions on your scalp and can make it sensitive when you apply the dye.
  • Do a patch test: This one is very important, even if you’ve dyed your hair in the past, the chemicals used in the dye you’re going to be using might be different. Take the time to follow the box dye instructions on how to do a patch test to avoid an allergic reaction.
  • Do a strand test and do not trust the woman on the box: It is highly unlikely that your hair will turn out exactly as the model’s on the box. Different hair textures, condition and starting hair color will all affect how the color turns out. Do a strand test to see how the how long the color needs to process on your hair type and if you even like the color.
  • Buy two boxes: There is nothing worse than running out of box dye half way through dyeing your hair. Buy at least two boxes and if your hair is longer, perhaps even three!
  • Section your hair (and ask someone to help if you can): Hair dye is not shampoo. You can’t apply it and lather it in your hair. The best way to apply it and get an even color is to apply it in sections. Having an extra pair of hands can help you get the back of your head!
  • Use a bowl and a brush: Scrap the bottle that comes with the dye and instead pick up a brush and a bowl. Alongside sectioning your hair, this will ensure even application.
  • Dye your hair when it’s dry: When hair is wet and the strands filled with water it can be more difficult for it to soak in the dye, so it’s best to dye dry hair.
  • Follow the instructions in the box: We can’t stress this one enough!

Want more information?

Brad Mondo is a hairstylist who provides very detailed information on professional hair coloring tips. Check out his video here:

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