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Blow-drying natural hair takes patience and care to avoid heat damaged, stressed tresses. Do it right and your hair can be more manageable, less tangled and give you the option of wearing it in a style you might not have been able to easily achieve had you of air-dried it. Do it wrong and you could damage your hair.

Today we're sharing our top tips to make blow-drying natural hair, a breeze. Get it?...OK, we'll stop.  Use these tips to ensure you safely blow-dry your hair and get the results you desire.


Before you even begin

Successfully blow-drying your hair starts from before you pick up the hairdryer. Detangling before you start washing your hair and using shampoo and conditioner that moisturize your hair rather than completely stripping it of its essential oils will make blow-drying even easier. Check out our blog post on tips for washing your hair and how to condition it.


Use a micro-fiber towel and let your hair air dry before you begin

Cotton towels can actually be a little harsh on hair, especially natural hair which is already--because of coils and kinks--more fragile. Hair is also more fragile when it's wet. That's why we recommend that you use a micro-fiber towel and let your hair dry about 80% of the way through before you start to blow-dry it.


Apply heat protector and the right hair care products

It goes without saying that you should apply a good heat protector to your hair to prevent as much damage as you can. We also recommend using a good leave-in conditioner and hair cream while you blowdry, and afterwards apply shea butter or oil to seal in moisture.


Use a good blow-dryer

Cheap hairdryers can be ineffective and you may find that their temperature can only go from cool to ridiculously hot causing heat damage. A good a hairdryer might set you back a little more but you'll find that it will inevitably be better in the long run for your hair.


Take it one section at a time

Just as with washing your hair, we recommend that you focus on taking your hair in sections of four, six or even eight depending on how coarse your hair is. Taking it in sections will ensure that you're able to properly coat your heat protector and other products, and effectively blowdry your hair without leaving your roots or other hard-to-get-to places damp. It might take a bit longer, but you'll be thankful that you took the time to detangle it and work through your hair before you move onto styling.


Use the tension method

The tension method allows you to get a blown-out look with less damage to your hair. To use this method, simply work through each part of your hair in sections and pull each section taut as you dry it on a low-medium heat.

These are our tips for today. If you have any other natural hair care tips, leave them in the comments section for your fellow Queens.

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