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Beautiful Natural Haired Women at the Beach

It's official summer is just a week away - though obviously our city didn't get the memo because it's been scorching hot here for weeks! In any case, this week we're sharing our six tips for stunning summer hair. 

1. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. 

Summer sun can be particularly drying on hair, whether it's relaxed or natural. Wash and condition your hair with products that are made for moisturizing and before you go out apply a leave-in conditioner and think about bringing a spray bottle filled with water with you so that you can spritz your hair on the go! 

2. Keep it Simple 

Humidity is a braid-out and twist-out's worst enemy. So rather than spending ages on your hair only to have it go frizzy on you opt for simpler styles, a cute bun with a single flat twist in the front for example. 

3. Wash your hair a little more regularly 

While you can get away with leaving your hair for longer in the wintertime, the excess sweat on top of your usual product buildup will mean you'll need to wash your hair a bit more often in the summer. This will help to prevent itching. 

4. Lightly condition your hair 

We recommend that you use a light, moisturizing conditioner in the summer months. This will help to keep your hair hydrated and prevent buildup. 

5. Stay hydrated 

Drinking eight glasses of water a day won't just have your skin looking amazing, it will also help your hair stay healthier! 

6. Use oils 

Use light oils such as carrot oil or jojoba oil to seal in moisture after hydrating your hair. 


We hope you enjoyed our tips. Let us know what YOUR favorite tips are for stunning, summer hair down below in the comments section! 

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