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Ultimate Wedding Guest Hair

Ultimate Wedding Guest Hair

Did you know that June, August, September and October are the most popular months for weddings? Summer and early fall make for beautiful wedding weather and gorgeous photos.

I don’t know about you but it always seems as though all of our friends choose get married around the same time. If you’re one of the lucky few who has wedding after wedding to attend this summer then this blog post is perfect for you! Here are our favorite wedding guest hairstyles for 2017 and tips on how you can recreate them.


Classic Braided Up-Do

A braided up-do is intricate but also has a kind of simplistic beauty about it. Issa Rae is not only a ridiculously talented individual (watch Awkward Black Girl and Insecure – we promise you’ll love her), she’s also the Queen of the braided up-do. If your hair is short or you’d just like to add a bit of length recreate these looks with some of our braiding hair. Take a look at these styles Issa Rae is wearing to get you inspired.

Issa Rae Up Do

Issa Rae Up Do


Popping Curls and Coils   

Accessorize your hair with a simple embellishment such as a flower or headband. Your natural curls and coils will pop when they are thoroughly hydrated, so take a look at our hair oils and treatments to give your hair a nice treat before the big day!  

Flower Hair

Headband Hair

Flower Hair


Super Sleek

If you want bone straight hair for the wedding but don’t want to expose your hair to a lot of heat, wear Model Model Seldon or if you’d prefer weave try Bobbi Boss Indi-Remi. Both options have a very natural light yaki texture and are absolutely stunning.

Jade Gabriell wearing Model Model Seldon

Sleek Hair  

 Versatile Crochet

If you’ve got a few weddings in a row and aren’t looking to mess around with your hair each time a new one rolls around then crochet braids might be for you. They offer the ultimate versatility, you can choose from braids, twists, locs, yaki, curly looks and more! Recreate a wide range of classic hairstyles with crochet braids.

 Bobbi Boss Soul Locs

If you're attending weddings (or getting married) this summer we hope you have an awesome time laughing, dancing and having fun!


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