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Fall is officially here - how exciting! It's finally boot-wearing, sofa snuggling, and pumpkin spiced latte drinking season! This week, we're sharing our very first 'favorites' post showcasing our favorite things for enjoying the season. Let's dig in!

pumpkin spice all the things!


Favorite Hair Color 

It has to be rich purples and deep reds! They look gorgeous in the fall season. Check out these reviews from two of our favorite YouTubers, Jade Gabriell and Pretty Hippie. They are rocking this season's colors! 


Favorite Quote

write it on your heart that everyday is the best day in the year

As summer fades, the leaves turn, and the days grow shorter and colder sometimes we slip into a funk. What we love about this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, is that it reminds us to take stock of the beauty in our lives and all around us, and to always try to have a positive mindset even in the face of life's hardships. The days might be colder but there are some fantastic things to enjoy about fall such as the beauty of the leaves changing, Thanksgiving, hot chocolate with whipped cream (yum!), salted caramel and Halloween!

Favorite Hair Care Product

Castor oil is amazing! If you aren't using it you're missing out. We did a whole post dedicated to the benefits of using castor oil a few months ago, have a read of it here. This season our favorite hair care product is Tropic Isle's Black Castor Oil made with Sage. You can use this oil on your hair, scalp, and body, and best of all it's 100% natural and organic! Sage not only tastes great on butternut squash (our favorite fall food), it also has some fantastic benefits for your hair including adding shine, treating hair loss, stimulating hair growth and intensifying your hair color.

Favorite Hairstyle

Short hair! Whether you're rocking a pixie cut, a short sleek do, a TWA or a braided bob, we just love short hairstyles this fall! They are perfect for leaving room for your scarf!

So that's our fall favorites! We hope you enjoyed reading about them. Let us know what products, hairstyles, colors, and quotes are your fall favorites in the comments section below!

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