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Although we’re still waiting for the weather to realize it, spring is officially here (yay)! We excited to see flowers bloom, enjoy more hours of daylight, and wear less layers of clothing outdoors. This week, we’re showcasing our favorite things for this season.  

Favorite Hair Color 

It has to be caramel browns and blondes! As the weather warms up it’s time to make your melanin pop with warm spring colors! Check out these reviews from two of our favorite YouTubers, PinkNovacaine and Jade Gabriell. They are slaying this season's colors! 

Favorite Quote

If you've given up on your goals and New Year's Resolutions already, remember why you set them in the first place. Everybody starts from somewhere so keep going and you'll achieve everything you want and more!


Favorite Hair Care Product

We're really loving natural DIY hair products at the moment! They are super fun to make and also very nourishing for your hair. Take a look at our easy DIY hair masks, where we show you how to use items found in your kitchen, like honey, avocados, and strawberries to make treatment masks. You'll love how your hair feels after using them! 


Favorite Hairstyle



Curls and coils! Whether you’re rocking your natural tresses or crochet hair we know you’ll be looking fabulous this springtime. Take a look out our curly hair products and crochet braiding hair today! 


So that's our spring favorites! We hope you enjoyed reading about them. Let us know what products, hairstyles, colors, and quotes are your spring favorites in the comments section below! 

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