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Type 4 hair is seriously underrated! Known for its tight coils and extreme shrinkage, type 4 hair has a cottony appearance and is absolutely fierce and fabulous. Why do we love it so much? Well...

It's Versatile

Seriously versatile! Type 4 hair can shrink up to 70%! You can rock it in a tightly coiled afro, wear it in a twist or braid out or stretch it and wear it straight. How awesome!

It's Unique

Type 4 hair typically has beautiful S and Z shape curls. It's so beautiful because one person's head can have so many different curl patterns.

It's Statement Hair

Type 4 hair is a head-turner, let's face it. Over the years afros have been a very popular hairstyle for those with type 4 hair and the style has symbolized black power, black pride, and empowerment.

It's Magic

Think about it. You can braid it without securing it with a hairband and it defies gravity! And you know what they say... "the higher the hair, the closer to God".

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