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Pregnancy is an amazing time in any women's life; you're in countdown mode waiting to meet your little one! During pregnancy, your body is surging with hormones, which causes all kinds of changes in your body and to your hair. The increase in estrogen in your body can make your hair appear thicker and more lustrous. Looking after your hair during your pregnancy doesn't have to be a chore, here are our top tips for hair care. 

1. Eat a balanced diet
A healthy diet is the best way to achieve a healthy body. Check out our "Eat your way to healthy hair" blog post and talk to your doctor for more information! 

2. Be careful with experimentation
Opinions are mixed as to whether it's OK to relax, color or bleach your hair during pregnancy. Some say you should wait until after the third trimester, while others say it's best to avoid it throughout your whole pregnancy. Check with your doctor to see what they recommend and be careful experimenting with any new chemicals on your hair. If you were to have an allergic reaction it could affect both you and your child. 

3. Check the ingredients
Your hair deserves the best when you're pregnant so check your hair care ingredients and try to avoid sulfates (they dry out your hair), mineral oil (it can clog your pores and is no way as good as other oils, like coconut oil), and parabens (they have been linked to cancer).

4. Treat yourself to a head massage
If you can afford to treat yourself to a professional head massage (and aren't suffering from back pain) then do it. If not get yourself a head massager online and ask bae to do it for you. 

5. Prepare yourself for postpartum hair care
After giving birth some women experience hair loss, don't be scared it's totally normal! If you experience more hair loss then you think is normal then go see your doctor. Your hair should return to normal 6 - 12 months after giving birth. 


Do you have any other tips to share with expecting moms? If so, leave them down in our comments section! 

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