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Relaxer sales might be down by about 34% since 2009 as many women have transitioned to their natural hair, however, we know that there are a number of you still out there who love the convenience and look that relaxer provides. And ladies, today's post is for you! Relaxed hair doesn't have to be thin, dry and damaged, and in this post, we're showing our favorite tips for looking after it!


1. Visit a Professional Stylist
They've gone to cosmetology school for a reason, so trust a hairdresser with your locks. A professional stylist will help to avoid over-processing, determine what treatment your hair will need after your relaxer, and give your hair a well-needed trim.  

2. Condition Condition Condition
Relaxed hair is already weakened as the process chemically changes the texture of your hair. Avoid brittle, broken hair by deep conditioning at least every two weeks. Use a protein treatment once a month to strengthen and replenish lost protein. Avoid using a protein treatment more often than once a month as too much protein can actually make your hair brittle. Also, co-wash your hair every other wash to lock in moisture and hydration. 

3. Sleep with Satin
Massage oil into your scalp and through your hair and wrap your hair in a satin scarf to lock in moisture as you sleep. If you don't have a scarf try a satin pillowcase. 

4. Avoid Too Much Stress on your Hair
Stress on hair that's already chemically processed can cause breakage that's why low/no heat styles work best. If you want to change your hair color, wait at least two weeks before adding a permanent color. Or try a wig which will give you a new color and a protective hairstyle in one! Take a look at our huge selection of wigs.

5. Eat a Healthy diet
A healthy diet can nourish your hair from the inside out, take a look at how you can eat your way to healthy hair and 10 kitchen staples you can use in your hair, in another of our blog posts. 

6. Wear Protective Hairstyles
Wearing relaxed hair down every day can be too much for your hair and so can over-brushing which can cause split ends and breakage. Instead, opt a cute protective hairstyle. 

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