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Bijoux Mega Jumbo Braid

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100% Realistic Mega Jumbo Braiding hair, 64 Inches long by Bijoux!


Wigs and/or hairpieces should be washed every 10 to 20 daily uses, Brushing the wig/hairpiece gently and thoroughly will keep hair lackluster and with longer life.

Please detangle before washing.

  1. Immerse the wig/hairpiece in a sink filled with cold water and shampoo for about 10 minutes and swish gently for a couple more minutes after.
  2. Once don't rinse with lukewarm water, and use conditioner for better results.
  3. Gently shake off the excess water and hand wig/hairpiece to dry.
  4. Do not use heat to dry the wig/hairpiece and do NOT brush it while wet.
  5. Brush into desired results when wig/hairpiece is completely dry.
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