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Freetress Band Fullcap Wig - San Francisco Girl

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  • 100% Synthetic Hair
  • Improved Top Cap structure
  • Secure comfortable fit with flexi-ball tip combs
  • Elastic band for comfort
  • Contoured ear
  • Self styled in 1 minute

Caring Instructions:

  • Do not use hot curler at regular setting.
  • This fiber can only be curled at 90C-100C (195F - 210F).
  • To maintain a fresh look, lightly apply oil sheen or wig conditioner.
  • Part your hair through No.1 line (from ear to ear).
  • Insert the comb underneath Top Cap from front to back along the pared line.
  • Slide-in the back comb along the nape hairline, tucking in your hair underneath.
  • Cover the front parted line by combing your hair over it. You just gave yourself a complete style!
Ponytail Instructions:
  • Pull back your hair and tie it with a rubber band.
  • Insert the front and back combs along the hairline.
  • Pull the rubber string to tighten, and wrap it around the hairline.
  • It's complete. You are ready to go!