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IRIS: Human Hair Slightly Wavy Lace Wig: Eunice 24 Inches - Beauty Empire

IRIS: Human Hair Slightly Wavy Lace Wig: Eunice 24 Inches

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100% Human Hair Remy

IRIS: Curly Eunice comes in 24 Inches, with Luxury, Beauty, and Glamour!

  • It contains 100% virgin Remy Human Hair with No chemicals processed
  • Handled with the utmost care through the production and handling of this hair to keep the cuticles from tangling or matting.
  • Unlike most of the hair products in the market currently, our unique product has a procedure that keeps hair from excessive chemical and machine manufacturing process
  • IRIS Remy Hair, maintains its luxurious luster longer than other hair products because our remy hair retains their natural protective cuticle layer.

Washing and Drying Instructions:

*This should be done once a week or at least every two weeks

  1. Make sure that the lace unit is well combed and free of any or all tangles
  2. Wet the hair with lukewarm water and comb in a downward motion, from the top towards the bottom of the wig
  3. Apply specific shampoo made for Remy Hair Extensions, DO NOT massage the shampoo into the hair, but instead, finger comb the shampoo through the hair in a downward motion.
  4. Rinse the lace unit completely with lukewarm water in a downward motion from the top to bottom
  5. The use of conditioner is very important, apply conditioner made specifically for remy hair extensions and gently finger comb again in from top to bottom, and wait for the conditioner for 5 to 10 minutes.
  6. Thoroughly rinse the wig with warm water in a downward motion, from top to bottom and be sure to rinse out of the conditioner.
  7. Gently towel blot the wig to remove any excess water still in the wig, DO NOT TWIST OR RUB
  8. To prevent shedding, lightly blow dry the inside cap of the wig to make sure that hair knots are 100% dry and they do not unravel.
  9. For a wavy look, apply a light hair polish and let the wig air dry.
  10. For a more straighter look, apply a lightweight heat protectant on the wet hair, then blow dry straight in a vertical motion and flat iron until desired results. (Air drying is okay too)

Things Not to do with this WIG

  • DO NOT use excessive amounts of hair products on this wig as it is a natural Indian remy hair and does not require the excess of products. In fact, the more products applied to the hair the less desirable it may appear.
  • DO NOT use Oil Sheen, as Oil sheen is an alcohol based product which will completely dry out the hair, ruining this product.
  • DO NOT Brush this wig excessively as this is a handmade product resulting in shedding
  • NEVER soak the wig in any solutions overnight.

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