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KeraCare Defining Custard For Curls & Coils (8 oz)

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Aids in getting shiny, well moisturized, clearly defined curls, waves and spirals.
Natural botanicals infuse substantial moisture into the hair.
Amla, Argan Oil and Abyssinian Oil add natural shine to hair and help minimize product flaking on hair


  • Defines curls.
  • Maintains structured coils for days.
  • Minimizes frizz


Following cleansing, conditioning with Natural Textures® Leave-In Conditioner and detangling hair, but while hair is soaking wet, apply Defining Custard to small sections from root to end.
Spray with water if hair begins to dry before finishing. Finger rake, comb through with a wide-toothed comb (Shingle), or finger style.
Air drying is recommended. You may use a luke warm hood dryer if time or weather requires. Fluff, separate or arrange your coils to style, only after hair is thoroughly dry.

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