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Luster's Pink

Luster's Pink Conditioning No-Lye Relaxer Super

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Content & Ingredients: 

  • Pink No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer Creme ( 3.75 oz)
  • Pink Color Mix Activator (.98 oz)
  • Prota-Silk Conditioning Treatment (.75 oz)
  • Pink Color Alarm Conditioning & Neutralizing Shampoo (1.5 oz)
  • Pink RevitaLEX Conditioner (.75 oz)
  • Pink Original Oil Moisturizer Lotion (.25 oz)

Prota-Silk Conditioning Treatment infuses and seals hair with essential proteins and conditioners to protect tresses, while restoring silkiness and body for healthier relaxing.


  • After rinsing Relaxer from hair, (while cuticles are receptive to deep conditioning) BEFORE SHAMPOOING apply Prota-Silk Conditioning Treatment still in hair, shampoo.
  • Be sure to read instructions to gain the benefits of the additional Prota-Silk Conditioning Treatment.

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