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R&B Collection 100% Human Blended Lace Front Wig - HL Omaha


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R&B Lace Wig is proudly designed for a natural look. The lace attachment helps to make the hairline disappear with a thin soft layer of lace. The application is easy and beacause of the undetectable hairline, it feels soft and looks natural.

  • Length: Extra Long
  • Style: Straight
  • Safe Up to 350F
  • How to wear R&B Lace Wig with double-sided tape
  • Smooth and flatten your hair as much as possible.
  • Adjust the wig size to fit your head, then trim away any excess lace.
  • Place a piece of double-sided tape provided on your temples.
  • Remove the tape backing from the tape by securely holding the end.
  • While holding the front steady, pull the back of the wig to position it.
  • You may apply make up to hide any excess lace.

Wash & Care Instructions

  • Before washing, brush gently to untangle hair
  • Wash with cool water
  • Soak hair using mild shampoo
  • Massage gently & Rinse thoroughtly
  • Do not brush hair while it is wet
  • Lay hair on a flat surface until it is completely dry
  • Do not use heat to style

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