The Natural Yaki Bohemian Wig - HYW Aris


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It is mine... Bohemian Natural Yaki..

Natural Yaki is perfect for women with natural hair, or that is transitioning from a relaxer. This texture mimics the natural texture of African American hair that has been fabulous out. Effectively blends with your own hair to achieve the most natural looking results.

Natural Yaki will be long lasting hair quality and finest looking as your own hair feeling. It is specialized texture that process for a velvety smooth feeling.

Natural Yaki is ready to styling any way that you please to express yourself! Change from straight to curly and then back again without losing the curls and bounce that you want! Special curl retention capabilities in this wig will make it last longer for weeks at a time!

Human Hair

Achieving a more natural and unique color variation, all natural human hair wigs are chemically processed. To ensure your product have the longest life possible, please use sulfate free hair care products that are made for chemically processed hair!

To Was your Human Hair Wig, please follow these steps:

  1. Detangle the wig using a wig brush or comb. Start at the ends and work upwards to the base of the cap.
  2. Rinse the wig in cold water, while the water flowing in the same direction of the hair to avoid any tangling. Make sure you don't soak your hair in a water basin, to avoid any tangling or matting of your hair
  3. Use your fingertips and phosphate free shampoo to distribute the shampoo evenly within the hair.
  4. Rinse your wig in cold water. removing any shampoo and make sure that the water flows in the same direction as the hair!
  5. Remove any excess water just by gently patting with a towel, by no means will you wring or squeeze!
  6. Use conditioner on the wig using your fingertips to spread out the conditioner evenly within your hair.
  7. To remove any conditioner, use cold water and pat gently with a towel.


When not in use, keep wigs on a wig stand or mannequin. Make sure it is a cool and dry environment free of extreme temperatures, Mold, or dust.