Softsheen Carson

Wave Nouveau Shape Lock Conditioning Neautralizer (16.9 oz)





  1.  Place cotton strip around client's entire hairline and use neautralizing bib. Be sure to change cotton strip whenever it becomes damp to thoroughly protect nape area.
  2.  Apply Shape Lock generously to each rod, top and bottom, to assure complete and thorough saturation.
  3. Allow Shape Lock to process for 10 minutes Only. DO NOT USE HAIR DRYER.
  4. Do not remove rods Thoroughly rinse rods with warm water and towel blot.
  5. Remove rods gently, rinse hair with warm water and lower water pressure for 1-2 minutes, or until all residue is removed.
  6. Towel blot and moisturize with desired Wave Nouveau maintenance product, following product directions carefully and advise client of proper daily maintenance to prevent hair breakage.
  7. Remind client NOT to shampoo hair for 48 hours. This may compromise longevity of the result.