Wild Growth Hair Oil (4 Fl. Oz)
Wild Growth Company

Wild Growth Hair Oil (4 Fl. Oz)

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First time ever thicker and longer hair, eye brows, eye lashes and nails, instant and natural hair re-texturizer, detangler, and straightener with less heat (ex. blow-dry, flat iron, or press), relaxer stretcher, hair bodifier for more bounce and sway and less frizz and fly-away hair.

First Month Use Instructions: The formula is concentrated so start slow and closely observe once sparingly on entire hair and scalp. 

Week 2: Apply twice. 

Week 3: Apply three times. For week 4 and beyond, adjust quantity and frequency to keep a continuous light coating of moisture. Non-hypoallergenic. For use as leave-in for damp (not wet) and dry hair. 

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