Wild Growth Company

Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer (4 Fl. Oz)




Just a few drops for never before achieved longer and thicker hair, eye brow, and lash growth.

  • Lasting Moisture
  • Non hypo-allergenic

Anti-Grab/ Glide-through handling breakage protection (grooming, braids, weaves and wigs). Colorless, Fresh Scent. Use in shampoo or co-wash and on wet or dry hair conditioning. Colorless with a natural deodorizing scent. Hot oil treatment.

All hair types: 5-10 drops in wet hair after rinsing. Sparingly use on hair and scalp between washings to control dryness. Avoid over-oiling.

Contains: Enhanced Coconut, Olive, Roman Chamomile, Evening Primrose and Safflower oils.